The mission of Athens College is to contribute to society as a beacon for Greek education, developing responsible global citizens and future leaders, inspired by Hellenic heritage and both American and European liberal values. Its aim is to provide the essence of education by helping each individual to achieve their highest potential and unique aspirations, instilling in them respect for themselves and others, cultivating a sense of civic duty, and exemplifying the highest ethical standards. Our aim, through academic excellence and critical thinking, is to inspire and transform students into graduates distinguished by creativity, teamwork and a spirit of discovery.


Athens College was established in 1925 by two groups of innovative philanthropists, one in Greece and one in the U.S. They formed two distinct but interlinked nonprofit governance entities: the Hellenic American Educational Foundation (HAEF), popularly known as Athens College and represented by its Board of Directors in Greece, and the Trustees of Athens College in Greece, chartered in the state of New York and known as the Board of Trustees.

The Trustees of Athens College participates with the Board of Directors in Greece in setting strategic directions and in securing financial support for the institution. In addition, the Board of Trustees manages the School’s U.S. endowment, coordinates U.S. development, recruits and supports the American President of the College, and administers and supports many of the College’s U.S.-based initiatives, including faculty professional development, alumni programming, educational exchanges, events and more.

What Makes Athens College Distinct?

Balanced Excellence: Rrigorous academics are enriched by athletics, arts, extracurricular activities, community service and more that provide the foundation for a lifetime of curiosity, creativity and responsible engagement with the world.

Our Students: Motivated, university-bound students who thrive in an environment that both challenges and supports. We’re committed to expanding our Scholarship Program to create an increasingly diverse community of learners.

Our Heritage: Established by enlightened innovators in 1925, the founders’ vision was to establish a school of excellence that served students within the Greek educational system, but that enhanced each individual’s holistic development. Then, as now, emphasis was given to a student-centered approach to learning. From its beginning, the College was also supported by forward-thinking Americans. Today it continues to incorporate the best of both countries through its educational programs, as well as through its leadership and governance practices.

Purposeful Engagement with the World:  Greece – and the world – needs thoughtful, innovative, collaborative problem-solvers. Everything a student does at Athens College is meant to help them discover their interests and talents — as well as their responsibilities. Students may choose from hundreds of opportunities to both lead and partner in community engagement projects locally and abroad.

Our Community: Wherever you are in the world, alumni, parents and friends of Athens College share a special bond. The Athens College Board of Trustees seeks to reach out and mobilize the College’s U.S. based constituents in support of its educational mission.