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November 14, 2018
New executive role announcements and duties
November 15, 2018

Merit Awards 2018

The College has long instituted the conferment of Prizes – Excellence Awards to reinforce excellence and meritocracy and to acknowledge those students who distinguish themselves for their academic performance, ethos and conduct. This year, for the first time, the College has instituted Merit Awards for students who are currently members of our School’s Junior High School 9th and High School 11th grades. The criteria for their selection is the students’ cumulative grade point average over the past two years, coupled with their ethos and conduct. Four Merit Awards are given each year, one for each school unit (Junior High and High School) for each the two schools, Athens College and Psychico College.
This year’s Merit Award recipients are:

Junior High School 9th grade

A.C.: Dimitra Zacharaki

P.C.: Athina Mpampinioti and Emmanouil Chatzigeorgiou (tied GPAs)

High School 11th grade / IB1

A.C.: Filippa Samella

P.C.: Eleni-Maria Mpochlogyrou

Psychico College High School held its Award Ceremony along with its October 28th celebration, while Psychico College Junior High School held theirs on Friday, November 2nd.